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Excited about Miracle-Gro® Twelve Indoor™ Growing System? Now it’s time to get inspired by the style it brings into your home and the flavor it brings to your kitchen.

5 Reasons why growing indoors is awesome.

Growing indoors is about so much more than just having fresh food within arm's reach. It’s about bringing stylish greenery into your home, bringing the soul-soothing benefits of gardening into your life, and keeping the air you breath fresh and clean.

3 ways to spice things up with fresh arugula.

Whenever you’re looking to add a little oomph of fresh, peppery deliciousness to your food, look no further than arugula. This versatile, nutrient- and antioxidant-rich, superfood green is one of the tastiest there is. Here are 3 of our favorite ways to prepare Arugula.

3 ways to cozy up to fresh thyme.

Thyme is an unassuming little herb that packs a big punch. Its subtle flavor blends well with just about anything, adding an earthy, minty flavor that really stands out.

What is water-based growing?

Water-based growing is an efficient way to grow your favorite plants with only water and nutrients. It’s a simple, environmentally friendly gardening method that allows you to grow herbs, veggies, leafy greens, and even some fruits, indoors all year round, no matter what season it is.