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Miracle-Gro® Twelve Indoor Growing System makes indoor gardening easy with a simple-to-use unit that matches any room décor


You’ll enjoy being a plant parent

Whether you’re using a Bonnie Plant or starting from seed, there’s no feeling quite like watching your plants blossom into vibrant, lush leafy greens, herbs, and flowers. Your patience and care are rewarded each and every day with a little bit of progress and a whole lot of natural beauty.


You’ll love eating fresh

Nothing is fresher than leafy greens and herbs that go from the planter to the pan in a matter of minutes. From arugula that’s bursting with peppery flavor to fragrant fresh basil, there’s nothing better than that just-picked flavor. Miracle-Gro® Twelve gives you a wide range of options, including leaf lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, arugula, mustard greens, basil, mint, cilantro, thyme, parsley, sage, dill, oregano, and more.


You’ll appreciate the in-season flavor

One of our favorite benefits of indoor gardening is that you can have your favorite foods, in-season fresh, all year long. Because our system gives plants the light and nutrients they need to thrive, you can easily grow your favorite leafy greens and herbs at any time.


You’ll delight in lush indoor style

Fresh leafy greens and herbs are sure to bring your cooking up to the next level, but the plants themselves also add a hint of lush greenery to your home. And, because our indoor growing system is designed with your home in mind, it adds a splash of style to any room.


You’ll feel good about fresher air

Not a fan of stuffy indoor air? We don’t blame you. Indoor gardening is a great way to help freshen things up by absorbing some of the carbon dioxide and other particulates in the air.

Growing indoors is a fulfilling hobby that brings so many benefits to your life and home—from the feeling of raising your very own plant to stylish design to fresh flavors. Most importantly, when you’re growing indoors, any day can be a gardening day, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Miracle-Gro® Twelve Indoor™ Growing System

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