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3 ways to cozy up to fresh thyme.

Thyme is an unassuming little herb that packs a big punch. Its subtle flavor blends well with just about anything, adding an earthy, minty flavor that really stands out. You’ll love finding new ways to use it, bringing a warm twist to favorite dishes. To help start your experimentation with thyme, here are some of our favorite ways to use it:


Infuse it

Thyme makes the basics better. Infuse it in oil, butter, or vinegar to add layers of flavor to your cooking. You can also add a few sprigs to water for a delicious way to hydrate.


In sauces and soups

The warm, earthy flavor of thyme is perfect for all your favorite comfort dishes. Add it to all types of sauces and soups for ultimate home cooked flavor.

Thyme is the perfect way to add a comforting twist to your favorite foods.

Spruced up salads

Thyme can add a zing to any salad. You can add it directly into your salad for a stronger flavor, or dress your salad with thyme infused oil or vinegar.

Thyme is the perfect way to add a warm, comforting take to your favorite foods. Keep a bottle of infused oil or vinegar on-hand for an easy way to up the ante on any dish, or enjoy it as a featured ingredient in a delicious thyme and arugula salad. The possibilities are endless when you’ve got fresh thyme on-hand.

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