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Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System
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Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Transplanting Kit
Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Transplanting Kit
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Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Seed Starting Kit
Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Seed Starting Kit
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Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Plant Nutrition
Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Plant Nutrition
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Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Stacking Kit
Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Stacking Kit

Meet Miracle‑Gro® Twelve

It’s growing in water, made easy,
Twelve months a year.
Grow what you love, right at home.
No matter where you live,
or how green your thumb is,
or how madly you muddle…
No matter what makes you feel like a warrior,
or how full your life is,
or what’s on the menu…
Everybody is invited.
Miracle‑Gro® Twelve Smart. Simple. Fresh.


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Now every season is growing season. Plant and harvest fresh leafy greens and herbs at home without being limited by weather, region or seasonality.


Good for meals. Great for you. With Miracle-Gro Twelve, fresh is always within arm’s reach and you can feel good knowing your leafy greens and herbs are coming straight off the stem.


Create a fresh margherita pizza with the ones you love.

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How it works

Our all-in-one hydroponic system maintains the ideal indoor growing conditions for leafy greens and herbs. We’ve made growing in water easy - you just plant, feed (when the app reminds you), cut and serve.

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Grow. Add plants or seeds and set up app reminders to manage growth.

Harvest. Continuously harvest for 2 months until it’s time for new plants. Our subscription makes it simple.

Create. Make your own kale smoothies, mint mojitos, lavender shortbread cookies and more.

My crazy inner plant lady is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with the #Miracle-Gro Twelve.
This is seriously gardening for dummies! I kill everything and this is SO easy!
The design fits great in our modern home and acts as a small side table.

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Get going and keep growing

with Miracle-Gro Twelve

Bonnie Plants offers a curated selection of plants that are to thrive in your growing system. Simply order what you’d like to grow (and eat), and your plants will arrive safe and sound in our protective and recyclable packaging.